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Every Thread And Every Stitch Marks A Milestone For Us!

Crown began as a very small business in the 2000, And shipped its first export order in 2000. Our first era was slow and steady growth. During this period we cultivated distinction in assembly line production and created the right systems for apparel manufacturing. It was under the vision of Crown's Managing Director, Mr. Nadeem Aziz, that Crown began focusing on products. 

From then on, the growth has just compounded. In 2010, we integrated backwards and established two more production units under the caption of Crown Unit-2 and Crown Unit-3. The culture at Crown, from the top to the bottom, is all about garments ever since the mill was put up. We have developed a strong passion for knitted garments, and want to inculcate this passion for it in our end consumers. Our dream is to inspire everyone to love their apparel. Crown will be at the forefront of the creation of knitted garments, with a special emphasis on quality, cost and delivery of our products. We will do this through research, innovation and a sharp focus on our customers’ expectations while ensuring a sustainable impact on our Earth and her people.

Our aim is to come up with the most innovative and inspiring ideas and solutions and to create a benchmark in the local and international markets, Which is why we are the largest manufacturer and exporter of Men's, Ladies and Children's knitted garments. We started exports in 2000 and since then have expanded our business to various parts of USA and European Union since they being our major markets. By producing high quality products, making timely shipments and delivering efficient services we have established a reputation of being committed to customer's satisfaction. Although our presence is global, our emphasis is on giving special attention to each client taking care to accurately determine individual requirements. Our products and services are customized to meet the needs of each client. Decades in pursuit of perfection has firmly put our faith in the fact that successful management of any operation requires efficiency, administrative ability and dedication.

Crown Textile has wide experience in delivering of appropriately balanced and mixed products which meets 100% according to customers requirements. We believe and are committed to provide quality products by meeting our client's requirement through continual improvements at every stage of manufacturing process. We concur to create and maintain healthy working environment in which individuals working as a team accomplishes individual and company objectives to achieve this policy the objectives are formulated like, No appointment of under age and or child labor for any position, hiring employees on voluntarily basis without any threat of penalty, provide a work environment free of harassment abuse or corporate punishment in any form, equal opportunity at all level and no discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics or belief and to provide healthy and safe environment to the employees and enhance their skills by providing awareness and training on timely basis.

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